Sunday, June 27, 2010

TWC Stealth Pilot Helmet WIP

I am currently sculpting the Stealth Pilot Helmet from the Animated Clone wars Star wars TV series.(Seen in picture above.)
I have the basic shape roughed in and am now starting to clean up the details.
For this sculpt I used a G2 Animated clone helmet as a armature to sculpt over cutting out most of the front.
I am using various materials in this build.For the sculpting medium Im using good old Bondo plastic auto body filler,cardboard,hot glue and sheet styrene and lots of elbow grease and sandpaper.
Here is a few WIP pics from earlier stages of the build I have done a lot more since these pics and will update soon.Below is a video of the build.

My Concept Helmet Addiction

For the last few years I have been sculpting different concept helmet designs in 1:1 scale.Most of them are from Ralph McQuarries early concept renderings for the Star Wars movies.
To date I have done the Concept Stormtrooper,Boba Fett and have a concept Chewbacca bust in the works as well as a version 2 concept Boba fett.Below are some pics of finished helmets.

Here are a couple of the sketches I used for reference.


Well it seems most are diverting away from traditional websites and using the blog format so i figured i would throw my hat in the ring.
Until I get the hang of the control panel here you may see things change frequently til I get it tweaked to my liking.