Sunday, June 16, 2013

Custom SGB concept Fett helmet

So I took one of my McQuarrie inspired concept Fett helmets and am giving it a familiar paint job. These are WIP pics and the colors are way lighter than they really are in person when I get it done ill take better pics in natural lighting so the colors will show more true.


 Changes in how things will be done from now on:

1. NO money will change hands unless I am ready to produce your product.I have been to accomodating over the years with people who want to pay now even if I tell them I'm behind because they are afraid once I'm ready their money will have been spent on something else.

2. Shipping will NOT be included in price and will be a separate transaction once item is completed.Sorry but postal rates go up so fast I have been in a spot where I end up eating an extra $10-15.00 which I cannot afford to do considering I am already selling my items for way below what I should be.

3. Custom or commisioned items will require a 50% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit which covers my materials in the event something happens on your end and you have to bail.Remainder plus shipping will be due upon completion and shipping of item.

4. All items are NON-REFUNDABLE. I will no longer refund or try to sell your item for you because you have buyers remorse. Meaning if you buy an item from me then later or while in production you decide to go a different route and want something else, thats on you and is your responsibility to sell the item you got from me to fund your new project.

5. Payments: Any payment made through PayPal that are sent as a "gift" will be immediately refused or refunded.I understand people do this to try and save me a few bucks in fees and it is appreciated but it is not worth me having my PayPal account suspended to save a few bucks.Also if something was to happen you lose your buyer protection as well.

International payments: I will NO LONGER mark things of a lesser value than what you paid.I know I get asked to do this alot because of your countries import or duty taxes.But if the item doesnt show or shows up damaged you only have insurance on what it was marked as value.It is NOT my responsibility to make it right if the shipper loses or damages your item.

6. Shipping: from now on shipping will be done on a scheduled day(s) every week.This still needs to be determined but for example if shipping day is Monday then if you order your item on the following Tuesday it will NOT be shipped until the next Monday. Any orders received prior to shipping day will be shipped any orders received on shipping day will not be shipped until the next scheduled shipping day. I may do 2 shipping days a week depending on flow of orders.Like a Monday and Thursday for example.

All items will be shipped USPS parcel post or UPS ground unless we agree it should be sent another method in which you will have to pay any difference in fees.Once it has actually left my hands you will be supplied with a tracking number.

If the item comes up missing or shows up damaged this is NOT my issue.You need to deal with  the shipping company and if you are worried about it then spring for the extra insurance.

7. Anyone ordering from certain areas known to have Garrisons that condone recasting will NOT be sold anything. No exceptions.You all know over the years how I feel about recasters and am not going to send my stuff to these areas and make it easy for these cock roaches.I will at some point post a list of banned areas.If you live in one of these areas or belong to that garrison dont even bother to contact me. I know this may sound harsh but Im tired of legit prop makers having to compete with their own items from some no talent slug and the people who support them.

I may ammend or add to these policies and will do my best to make people aware of any changes.Everything I have said is pretty much common sense and how most other people do things.If you dont understand something contact me before you purchase.Thanks-SGB