Thursday, November 18, 2010

Making Of Clone Wars Gunner Helmet

So I got the Clone Wars character encyclopedia the other day and saw the clone gunner.I have seen this before but the nice clear picture in the book made me want to make it.So here it goes.What I did do is took one of my clone wars animated pilot helmets I sculpted and and cut off the dome because the rest of the helmet is a standard clone.

I then took strips of cardboard and hot glue gun and made a armature of the dome.I then covered any openings with duct tape so the bondo wouldn't drip through and started coating it with bondo. 

I then started fabricating the Mohawk/antenna using cardboard and a strip of styrene plastic. And then caoted with a light coat of bondo.

I started to shape the dome up more on the side and rough penciled in the raised detail areas that will be added on using more filler.In the next few pics you can see I have started to add in the raised sections.

And in the last pic Im an now working my way around the side and back adding in the indented circle details.

Thats it for now so far i have about 8-10 hours in this.I'll update more tomm.


  1. Glad you decided on this one. Might you have just started with one of Marcelo's buckets?

  2. Nah his helmet is too small plus it wouldnt be mine if I did that.

  3. I should say his helmet is to small for me and not to small for everyone.So if this ends up being a 1 off I want it to fit me.


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