Sunday, March 13, 2011

Where have I been for over a week?

Well we got nailed with over 3 ft. of heavy wet snow over night then it drifted up to almost 6 ft deep in some places.We were shoveling like fools for days and I finally had to rent a skid steer bucket loader to open up our 250 ft long driveway.
The pics below show how much snow we got and I had to moves tons of it.The pics dont look as impressive as it does in real life but the snow banks are upwards of 12 feet high and 15-20ft deep from front to back.And remember this was from 1 storm.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Clone Trooper bust Update

As with the previous Mangalore post I havent updated this either for awhile.This is finally so close to being done.Im basically tweaking some last minute things and will start the smoothing process.

Mangalore Update

Been a awhile since I posted an update on this. I have been pecking away at it for the last several days working on it here and there sometimes for small amounts of time.I am now at the stage where I will be roughing in some of the smaller details.

Now a pic of how much its progressed: