Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tigris of Gaul helmet from Gladiator

 I have been wanting to do this helmet for some time.The original helmet used in the movie was sculpted over a french Gallet F1 firefighter helmet seen below.

After scouring online I finally found one on ebay for a decent price.most of the time you cant touch a used one for under $250.00 I got mine for $75.00.
So I busted out some clay and started building up the base of this helmet.Doesnt look like much now.I'm going to have to add alot of clay to the bottom to build the height I need. it'll be a cool project.


  1. id love to buy it off of you when its complete i cant find any on ebay i been looking for about a year now

  2. If you have one of these for sale please email me-

  3. thats a great start, i started one also but set it aside to finish my kurgan helmet..
    also fantastic work on your other projects...

  4. If you want some photos of the "real" helmet from specific angles, write to me at - Ideally one should just make a cast off the real thing. I'd love to arrange for that to happen someday.


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