Sunday, May 15, 2011


 We want your creature/character ideas! so I thought I'd make it kind of fun and have a contest of sorts.Read below to see how it works and where/how to vote or place your ideas.

Here is the guidlines for the facebook fanpage contest.
1. Can be any creature/character from TV or movie.
2. Must be of reasonable size ( I cannot sculpt a 1:1 scale AT-AT walker or anything really huge.)
3. Add your Idea to this posting on the skygunbros-custom-creatures facebook fan page here:
Skygunbros-Custom-Creatures Fan Page
(Please make sure you add your idea to the status thread titled CONTEST)
4. Basically you would like the person idea which would count as 1 vote or post your own idea.
5.Please also post a link to a reference picture of the character your referring to.
Contest will start today and close out on the 15th of next month JUNE 2011.
I have final decision and the project must be feasible to do in terms of time and money.Depending On whats chosen I may decide to do a 1:1 scale version or a smaller scale version.I may amend these guidelines further.
So if there is anything you'd like to see done swing over to the link above and add your idea or like a idea someone else has already posted. Thanks!

Please do not add your ideas here.Only idea added to the link above the skygunbros-custom-creatures facebook fan page will be considered.

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