Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Mystery Vader helmet

Does anyone know what vader helmet this is? I know its not fan made. 20th century maybe?
I mean this particualr casting is fan made but was cast off a production helmet.I got this helmet about 5 years ago from someone in a trade.They didnt really know what it was either.I just dug it out that why the resin is all yellowed.It has no coupler attachment for the head and dome but that could have been whoever molded it didnt know how to do it.It also does not have the half moon indents on top the the cheeks like most vader helmet do.

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  1. Im pretty shore the vader is a sarge f casting that he used an early Don post , the one were the dome sits of center,
    the don post was cast from an original so it does have liniage,
    any way your work is insperational


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