Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Making Stealth Armor Parts

So I decided I wanted to make the armor as well to go with the stealth helmet so i have begun to make the chest plate and chest box.

Basically i covered a mannequin with some plastic wrap so if i slopped bondo on it it wouldnt ruin it.
I then used cardboard and made a template of the main parts.I then coated the templates with bondo and am now sculpting in the basic shape of the armor/chest box.
I then took a piece of sintra(sheet plastic) and figured out button placement.I sculpted 1 button out of bondo and made a mold.I then casted 3 buttons out of that mold so they are all the same.
I used a exacto knife and carefully cut 3mm strips off wooden tongue depressors and used those to make my raise out line around where the buttons will be.
I made some changes to the length of the chest plate and now am using bondo to sculpt in the details and contours of the box and chest plate.
I will also be making the shoulder armor as well and possibly the back plate if it turns out to different than a standard back plate.

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