Friday, December 31, 2010

Fifth Element Mangalore 1:1 Bust WIP

So me and a buddy and a few other guys wanted to do a 1:1 scale 5th element Mangalore bust.So I got the clay and started one.Its a VERY early sculpt still needs a lot of bulking out and shape defining basically now I'm just plopping on clay in the rough shapes they will need to be, then once Im happy Ill start adding in the surface details wrinkles,textures etc.
In the one pic with the card stock glasses I was able through a friend to obtain actual measurements of a pair of the screen used glasses they wore and drew the template out using those measurements. As you can see they fit pretty good now and I may not have to make to many adjustments to the eye area.

Now starting to rough in some of the facial muscles.

And with the glasses template in place.

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