Thursday, December 2, 2010

Prepping Stealth For Molding FINALLY!!!!

My finger tips are literally rubbed raw from all the sanding I've been doing on this helmet in the last few days.I do believe it or not have a few spots I still need to fill a little.But I finished the back tonight and added the nose piece/hose coupler.I know it prob doesn't look much different then that last few times Ive posted pics,but the surface and  almost all the pits are now smooth and clean.I also sprayed it with several coats of  of epoxy primer which helps fill in small scratches and give the surface a smooth look.

I'm hoping to start damming tomm. night with clay and getting ready to start slopping rubber on many times have I said that now? I think this time its for real.

Its come along way from this:

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