Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A few project updates

I have been going back and forth bewteen 3 major projects,the life size Mangalore bust,the McQuarrie concept Boba Fett helmet version2 and the life size Wampa head.
The Mangalor bust is coming along and Im basically done with bulking in the main features.Now Im refining the details and texturing the skin.

Next up is the McQuarrie Concept Fett helmet Version 2.I spent awhile last night doing some more reshaping.I have also started to add in details. I made the cheek panel with recessed details and started the inner range finder detail.I also cut out the forehead triangle.

Now on to the Wampa. I got some more fur and placed it on top of what I had already temp. pinned in place.I think its about where it needs to be size and shape wise.It will get more width added to it once I sculpt the horns on.I still need to add more clay to it here and there,sculpt the horns and detail the nose and around the eyes.Then make a mold and cast one then glue on the fur and weather it.And of course have to sculpt the teeth and mouth insert for when its done.

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