Friday, April 22, 2011

Wampa Progress

Well Im finding this a lot more difficult than I though it would be.trying to sculpt a creatures who is covered in hair afterward is challenging.Its really hard to determine the facial structures under all that hair.
I have scoured the net hoping to find pics of the Wampa being made and hoping a pic exists of the Wampa before hair was added.
The person commissioning me to do this isn't real picky and doesn't care if it looks exact he just wants it more realistic than the one he has now.I on the other hand am picky and I know i wont hit it spot on but Id like to get it close.Here is his,It was done purposely as more a of a cartoon mascot type head.

Anyway I have started the sculpt and am now just trying to figure out the basic shape under all that hair.So what im doing is getting it roughed out and then pinning hair in place to so of give me a idea of what to change.Here is a pic of how it is now I ran out of fur so he is bald.

Here is a crude and quick paintworks mock up of the above picture.Although simplistic the paintworks mock up looks like Im heading in the right direction.All I did was open the pic in paint works and paint over the sculpt adding a little width to the head and the horns teeth etc.

This is still early I will sculpt a mouth insert later with teeth and tongue,i also need to sculpt the horns for the side of the head.Of course once the hair is glued down it will show the under facial structure a little better.

He looks like a bald overweight wookie at this point or this guy from Rudolph.

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